In a joint effort, the Public Health Service of Amsterdam and the Aidsfonds and Soa Aids
Nederland, welcome the opportunity to host the 24th ISSTDR & 22nd World IUSTI Meeting 2021 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Dutch STI and HIV scientific research has been characterized by its innovative potential. In the spirit of the late Joep Lange, its goal has been the swift translation of problems arising from real live into research questions and the subsequent implementation of results into practice. Science and innovation are focused on key populations most affected by STI and HIV and driven by non-normative solutions applicable in various international settings.

The Netherlands have an excellent research environment with a fine infrastructure and international acknowledged research institutes in a wide range of disciplines needed in the fight against STI and HIV and the improvement of sexual and reproductive rights and health. The Netherlands tradition to combine excellent research with a pragmatic and non-normative attitude leads to fast applications of scientific results in the daily life of professionals and key populations. We do this with a modest budget. This is known as “The Dutch Approach”, which is characterized with its inclusiveness approach.

The Netherlands are international an important donor in the field of sexual and reproductive rights and health including HIV, STI, hepatitis. The Dutch Approach means the Dutch government supports the involvement of people of key populations and the strengthening of their civil society organisations and networks.

The Netherlands play an important role in supporting key populations in East Europe and Central Asia and are host of the International AIDS Conference 2018. We want to seize the unique challenge to accommodate all these developments for the 24th ISSTDR & 22nd World IUSTI meeting. We envision to stimulate participation of young researchers by travel grants and reduced registration fees. We propose as theme for the 24th ISSTDR & 22nd World IUSTI meetings: “urban diversity and sexual health”. Within the European Community, the Netherlands has played an important role as founding nation and continues to put forward the importance of integration, global health and human rights within Europe and elsewhere. This is especially relevant in the current political climate, where resources and support for populations most affected by HIV and STI are under continued pressure.

In close collaboration with the ISSTDR Society, we propose to single out emerging themes for structured sessions under guidance of moderators of outstanding reputation, with excellent key note speakers and presentations selected from the abstracts. We will maintain and guard the high scientific standard of the ISSTDR.

The 24th ISSTDR & 22nd World IUSTI meeting will be hosted in the RAI Congress Centre & NH Hotel located 10 train minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and 2 metro stops from Amsterdam city center. Amsterdam is a vibrant city which is unique in many aspects. It ranks amongst one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its canals and largely preserved historical center. The city hosts several world class musea including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house. Tourist attractions and guided tours are numerous. Beyond Amsterdam, many other exciting cities in the Netherlands are very close by. By generating a mix of top quality science, intensive social and scientific interactions and a unique and vibrant city and social program we trust to deliver a fantastic meeting in 2021!

Henry De Vries
Febe Deug
Martin van Oostrom
Maria Oud